Jesper Vinther Sørensen

PhD, Jesper Vinther, has been conducting his postdoctoral research in the Gothelf laboratories since August 2014. His research area include trapping and characterisation of single molecules and individual conjugated polymers using conductive-AFM, DNA nanotechnology, graphene-technology and state-of-the-art nano-lithography in cleanroom facilities.

During Jespers postdoctoral research he has been a visiting researcher in Professor Danny Porath’s laboratories at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel and a visiting researcher in Senior Lecturer Jussi Toppari’s laboratories at University of Jyväskylä in Finland.

In 2009, Jesper obtained his Bachelor’s degree in technical chemistry and in August 2012 he obtained his Master’s degree in engineering with a thesis on electrochemistry and organic surface chemistry using electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance. Jesper was enrolled as a PhD student at iNANO in August 2010 as a collaboration between the Gothelf laboratories and the Daasbjerg laboratories where he was awarded his PhD degree in August 2014 based on his thesis: “Engineering the Bottom-Room for Organic Electronics using DNA Nanotechnology and Electrografting”.

During his PhD studies, Jesper was a visiting researcher in the group of Research Associate Paul W.K. Rothemund at California Institute of Technology. Here he applied nano-structured surfaces for precise arrangement and absolute alignment of individual and asymmetric DNA-structures.

Furthermore, Jesper has conducted teaching at Aarhus University since 2010 as an instructor within the courses “Macroscopic Physical Chemistry”; “Applied Spectroscopy”; Spectroscopy”; “Organic Spectroscopy” and “General Chemistry”, and he has been a super-user in the Cleanroom of Aarhus University since 2012.










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