Anne Louise Bank Kodal

Scientist at Novo Nordisk in Måløv, since December 2015.

  • Post doc in Gothelf Lab, November 2015
  • PhD student, Gothelf Lab, May 2011-October 2015 with the project “Development of new protein conjugation methods”.
    • Visiting researcher, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University, William Shih lab, April-September 2013 and June-August 2014.
  • Master’s degree in Nanotechnology, Gothelf Lab, 2013, Title: “Interfacing Proteins and DNA Nanotechnology”.
  • Project student, Gothelf Lab, Fall 2010, Title: “Decoration of DNA origami with PAMAM dendrimers and development of a new enzymatic method for labeling single stranded DNA”.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry, Gothelf Lab, 2010. Title: “Synthesis of a Neurotransmitter Derivative for Aptamer Selection”.

Previous projects:

  • Synthesis of neurotransmitter derivative
  • Enzymatic labeling of single stranded DNA for fast and efficient decoration of DNA origami
  • DNA-templated protein conjugation
  • Decoration of DNA origami with conjugated polymers 















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