Christian Bech Rosen

Christian Rosen has been a PhD student in the Gothelf lab since May 2011 and postdoc since November 2014. His research areas include small-molecule organic synthesis and development of new methods for site-selective protein conjugation.

During his PhD, Christian spent 8 months in the group of Prof. Hagan Bayley at University of Oxford, UK. Here he applied biological nanopores for the site-specific detection of protein phosphorylation sites at the single-molecule level.

Christian Rosen has since March 2015 been a post doctoral fellow at Matt Francis’ Research Group at University of California, Berkeley. (

Key publications include:

  1. Christian B. Rosen, Anne L. B. Kodal, Jesper S. Nielsen, David H. Schaffert, Carsten Scavenius, Anders H. Okholm, Niels V. Voigt, Jan J. Enghild, Jørgen Kjems, Thomas Tørring and Kurt V. Gothelf. «Template-Directed Covalent Conjugation of DNA to Native Antibodies, Transferrin and other Metal-Binding Proteins» Nature Chemistry 6, 804-809 (2014)
  2.  Christian B. Rosen, David Rodriguez-Larrea and Hagan Bayley. «Single-Molecule Site-Specific Detection of Protein Phosphorylation with a Nanopore»Nature Biotechnology 32, 179-181 (2014)
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