Nadia Nasser Petersen

Presently: Nadia is a PhD student at University of Cambridge (UK) since January 2016.


Nadia has been a member of Gothelf lab since January 2013 and she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in September 2013. She has been a Master’s student since November 2014.

She was a member of the BIOMOD team 2013 (Nano Creators), representing CDNA at Harvard University, where Nano Creators received a Gold Award, the “Audience Choice Award” and the award for “Best Presentation”.

From October 2013 to March 2014 she was an Erasmus student at the University of Cambridge, working with Dr. Gregory W. Haslett on the total synthesis of Madeirolide A under the guidance of Prof. Ian Paterson.

After returning to Denmark she was a project student and Master’s student at the Gothelf lab continuing the work of Dr. Dennis Hansen on the synthesis of disulfide linked oligonucleotides.

Nadia finished her Master’s studies in November 2015.


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