Malthe Hansen-Bruhn

Malthe was matriculated on Aarhus University in 2010 in chemistry. The focus of Malthe’s course activity have been on organic chemistry, organic synthesis and a side course in molecular biology and mathematics.

Malthe began his Bachelor’s project in spring 2013 in the Gothelf lab. After Malthe recieved his Bachelor’s degree, he continued in the Gothelf Lab with a chemical project for a year prior to starting his Master’s project. Malthe has been enrolled as a Ph.D. student since the May 1, 2015 and is working on a sensor project for small molecules in blood.

During the bachelor and the chemistry project, Malthe was a member of the Danish team for the annual BIOMOD competition in 2013, representing CDNA at Harvard University, where the team received a Gold Award, the “Audience Choice Award” and the award for “Best Presentation”.

The projects Malthe have been working on revolve around synthesis of small molecules and their application in the molecular biology lab. The major parts being drug delivery, protein conjugation and endosomal escape. Malthe’s experimental experience spans both organic synthesis and molecular biology, where his focus has been automated oligonucleotide synthesis.



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