Mikkel Bach Skovsgaard

Mikkel has been studying chemistry since 2010, and his main focus has been on organic chemistry and a side course of molecular biology.

Since the spring semester of 2013 Mikkel has been a member of Gothelf Lab, where he got his Bachelor’s degree in 2013 with the title: “Synthesis of a Cholesterol-DNA Conjugate”. 

Mikkel’s Bachelor’s project was part of a larger collaborative contribution representing Center for DNA Nanotechnology (CDNA), Aarhus University, at the annual BIOMOD competition in 2013 involving a drug delivery system made of DNA origami. The team (Nano Creators) won “the audience choice award”, “the best presentation award” and a gold medal for their contribution.  

He continued his studies in a chemical project revolving around the synthesis of modified triphosphates and a device for endosomal escape.

Mikkel was admitted as a PhD student in May 2015 with a PhD project in the field of protein conjugation. His main focus is in the organic lab, where he is synthesizing small molecules for use in bioconjugation.

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