Tianqiang Liu

Tianqiang is from China and obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in June, 2013 from Northwest A&F University. He did his Master’s research under the supervision of Professor Gaoxue Wang at college of animal science and technology, Northwest A&F University. During his Master’s study, he studied the drug delivery system (DDS), using carbon nanotubes (CNT) as antiviral drug delivery carriers.

Tianqiang joined Gothelf lab as a PhD student by the support of China Scholarship Council (CSC) in September, 2013 under the Nanoscience programme at iNANO.

In this group, his work is involved in origami/protein conjugation, and the scope of his project is to exploit DNA origami as DDS, and in killing cancer cells.

In Tianqiang’s spare time he likes to play badminton, swimming and watching movies. 

Tianqiang obtained his PhD November 25 2016 and is currently employed as a Post doc at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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