Jane Nguyen

Jane has been associated with the Gothelf lab since October 2013. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Aarhus University in 2014. Since August 2015 she has been enrolled as a PhD student in the nanoscience program.

The bachelor project “Synthesis of Aptamer-binding Fluorophores and their Application in Aptamer-based Biosensors” contributed to the project submitted to BIOMOD 2014 (Team Detector Gadget), which represented Center for DNA Nanotechnology (CDNA) at Harvard University, where the team received a Gold Award and were placed third in Best Wiki and Best YouTube Video.

After the bachelor project, Jane studied abroad at University of Ottawa, Canada, where she did a research project in the Beauchemin group, which concerned thiourea organocatalysis. She returned to the Gothelf lab in 2015 to do a research project regarding synthesis of small molecules to be coupled with fluorophores for PAINT.

Currently, Jane will be a part of the project “A Unified Nucleic Acid Computation Systems for Organisms” (UNACS), which is a collaboration with research groups at Technical University of Munich (TUM), University of Harvard, and University of Austin, Texas. During her PhD time she will work on developing synthetic triplex-forming oligonucleotides that can be utilized as exogenous triggers for biological gates.

LinkedIn: https://dk.linkedin.com/pub/thuy-jane-dinh-nguyen/a3/323/901

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