AWARD: Students from CDNA win awards at BIOMOD 2014

Congratulations to Detector Gadget, our team of students from Centre for DNA Nanotechnology!

Detector Gadget was placed 3rd in “Best Wiki” and “Best YouTube video” at the International Bio-molecular Design Competition (BIOMOD) 2014.

Detector Gadget also ended up in the top category, “GOLD”, of Project Awards.

Go check out the wiki and YouTube video made by Detector Gadget.

Members of Detector Gadget:

Team members: Mentors: Supervisors:
Maria Jensen Hans Christian Høiberg, PhD student Jørgen Kjems, professor
Trine Tamberg Denis Selnihhin, PhD student Kurt Vesterager Gothelf, professor
Jane Thuy Nguyen Anne Louise Bank Kodal, PhD student Ebbe Sloth Andersen, assist. professor
Christina Moeslund Madsen
Thorbjørn Birger Nielsen
Leandro Escobar-Herrera
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