GRANT: Kurt Gothelf receives DKK 288,000 from the Innovation Fund Denmark for bilateral workshop between KAIST and iNANO

Professor Kurt Gothelf has received DKK 288,000 from the Innovation Fund Denmark for the organisation of a bilateral workshop between Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST, and the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO, at Aarhus University.

The purpose of organising  to plant the seeds for research collaboration between KAIST and iNANO. There are multiple strong overlaps between the research interests of the two organizations so close collaboration is highly desirable for both parties. A bilateral three-day workshop will take place in Aarhus in June 2015, where KAIST scientists will travel to iNANO.

The purpose of the KAIST/iNANO workshop is to facilitate interdisciplinary research collaboration with particular focus on nanomaterials, and the expected outcome of the workshop is plans for concrete collaborative research projects, for which funding can be applied at local/national Danish and Korean sources. The workshop is a crucial and appropriate first activity, as it is important for the potential partners to meet face-to-face and have in-depth informal discussions on projects of mutual interest.

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