GRANT: Kurt Gothelf receives DKK 2.8m from ERASynBio for research in the area of synthetic biology.

A team consisting of professor Friedrich Simmel, TUM (D), professor Andrew Ellington, University of Texas at Austin (US), professor Peng Yin, Harvard University (US), and professor Kurt Gothelf, Aarhus University (DK) have been granted DKK 12.1 million from the ERASynBio under the ERA-NET scheme (EU FP7) for the research project, UNACS.

The title of the project is “A Unified Nucleic Acid Computation System for Organisms” (UNACS) and the partners has been awarded this grant in order to mediate development and coordination of synthetic biology in European research area.

Professor Kurt Gothelf’s share of the EU contribution is DKK 2.8 million

See also announcement at iNANO’s website:

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