EVENT: Full Moon Spring Party

On Friday March 4, 2016, the party planners had arranged the annual spring party in Gothelf Lab. The theme of this year’s spring party was “Full Moon Party”. The official Full Moon Party takes place every month throughout the year on Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand and its attractions include fire skipping ropes, alcohol “buckets”, and music ranging from trance, to drum and bass, to reggae.

The party planners in Gothelf Lab had done a great job to create the sense of a Full Moon Party with elements like a huge luminous full moon on the wall, glow sticks, UV face paint, thai food etc. Only the fire skipping ropes were missing, which the smoke machine could have simulated. However, the machine was turned off due to the risk of triggering the fire alarm.

In keeping with the traditions, there were games, which included creating the most original glow stick structure and presenting it in the best way to the party planners. Team “Luna Piena” won the games overall and for the glow stick structure assignment they created their “Shot Shuttle”.

Thanks to the party planners for another awesome group event!

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