HONOR: Asger Agergaard wins poster award at INASCON 2016 Conference in the Netherlands

Asger Agergaard, Bachelor's student, Nanoscience

Asger Agergaard presented a poster at INASCON 2016, 10th international nanoscience student conference, on 2-5 August 2016 in Baarlo and Enschede, the Netherlands. His poster displayed his bachelor’s project where the following was investigated: Self-assembly of an upright hexagonal DNA lattice. Asger’s research project about using the upright DNA lattice for surface modification has been supervised by professor Kurt Gothelf and Dr. Abhichart Krissanaprasit.

Asger won the poster award for the second best poster presented.

Besides student presentations, prominent scientists presented their research in various fields such as macromolecular chemistry, quantum optics, drug delivery etc. Klaus Müllen and Fraser Stoddard gave presentation about their research.

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