EVENT: DHL Relay Race 2016

Congratulations to Malthe, Mikael and Anders who were the fastest runners in Gothelf Lab in this year’s DHL Relay Race. Also congratulations to team DNA1 (see below) who finished as fastest team in Gothelf Lab with the best overall time.

In keeping with traditions Gothelf Lab participated in the DHL Relay Race on August 18 2016, and this year four teams, each constituted by five group members, representing our research group:


  • Malthe Hansen-Bruhn
  • Jesper Vinther
  • Niels Kjeldsen
  • Mikael Madsen
  • Michael Mortensen


  • Michael Trads Mortensen
  • Lise Pedersen
  • Julie Trads
  • Jane Nguyen
  • Mette Bakke


  • Thorbjørn Nielsen
  • Kurt Gothelf
  • Abhichart Krissanaprasit
  • Mikkel Skovsgaard
  • Vipin Kumar


  • Hailong Li
  • Anders Märcher
  • Malthe Hansen-Bruhn
  • Kurt Gothelf
  • Tianqiang Liu


Read more about the annual DHL Relay Race here:


(Featured image (top): Anders Trærup, AU Kommunikation)

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