VISIT: Professor Thomas LaBean, North Carolina State University, is visiting Gothelf lab CDNA June 11 to July 8, along with 6 of his students.

According to tradition professor, Thomas LaBean from North Carolina State University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, is visiting Gothelf lab CDNA from June 11 to July 8 2017. Professor LaBean was a member of the former CDNA and his current research projects involve the design, construction, and testing of self-assembling DNA nanostructures for applications in molecular materials, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, molecular robotics, and nanomedicine. Potential applications include the further miniaturization of electronics circuits and devices, creation of stimulus responsive constructs for chemo- and bio-sensing, and molecular therapeutics with inherent computational function.

 The US National Science Foundation supports Professor LaBean to bring a number of students along to interact with iNANO members and use the research facilities here. This summer 6 students and post docs from his research group have accompanied him:

Jessica Nash, Cynthia Koehler, Nikolay Frick  Pedro Carriel, Chinmaya Joisa, Michael Fergione

Group website:

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