Group jobs

General group jobs (updated 12/09/17)

(See group jobs specific for the organic and bio labs further down)

Job Name
Food fridge Nanna, (+ Skrydstrup person)
AFM Samuel, Mette
Beer and Soda Nanna, René (Skrydstrup)
Computerman M/K Samuel, Helle
Fluorometer Line, Mette
Freeze dryer + speed vac Mikkel, Anders
Gel room Thorbjørn, Jane
Group meetings Linette
Old HPLC’s (hardware, waste and buffers) Thorbjørn, Line, Anders
New HPLC’s (hardware, waste and buffers) Mikkel, Michael, Nanna
LC-MS Thorbjørn, Michael, Mikael
MALDI Mikkel, Thorbjørn
MerMade12 Jane, Mikael, Helle
NMR General (Superusers) Alexander, Anders
NMR Nitrogen Samuel, Mikkel, Alexander, Anders
Party Line, Jane, Alexander, Mette
PCR machine Thorbjørn, Mette
SPS Alexander
UV Alexander, Jane
Lab-Wiki administrator Thorbjørn
Twitter account Mikkel

Group jobs specific for the bio labs (updated 12/09/17)

Job Name
Paper + gloves Mette, Line
Disposal of waste in gel room Thorbjørn
Tips + Tubes + Scalpels Helle, Mikkel, Michael

Group jobs specific for the organic labs (updated 12/09/17)

Job Name
Solvents and paper towel Jane, Nanna
Waste and TLC stains Mikkel, Michael
Glass waste and (broken glass equipment) Helle, Samuel
Stock items Alexander, Anders


Solvents and paper towel: Fill up the small solvent room and order solvents that are not in stock. Additionally, fill up closet with acetone and make sure there is paper towel in both organic labs.

Waste and TLC stains: Bring down liquid waste and bring up new containers for liquid waste. Additionally, make stock solutions of TLC stains.

Glass waste and broken glass equipment: Bring down glass waste and bring broken glass equipment to the glass blower.

Stock items: Bring up fraction glass, TLC plates, capillaries, vials, Pasteur pipettes, gloves, NMR solvents, syringes, needles and bulk chemicals. Order these items if they are not in stock.

Getting liquid nitrogen: If you take the last liquid nitrogen in the Dewar in the lab, fill it up!!

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