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Link to the :

New on the Labbook? – See registration procedure below

(Updated 10/12/15)

1. Read “About the labbook” to the right.

2. Signing up on the labbook

Log in on  with your AU-ID (AUXXXXXX) and your password for .

Here is the link for the “Confluence tutorial” ( and the Terms and Conditions for using the AU lab wiki (

3. Admission to user groups

As a new member, you must contact the  “labbook user group administrator”, Lutz Lammich from iNANO (, and you can read about the procedures below:

When you email Lutz (, make sure the email includes the following:

  1. Specify your affiliations and which spaces you would like to join (‘CDNA AU Space’, ‘CDNA Projects’, ‘KG’). Lutz will add you to the relevant user groups.
  2. Add Ilenia Manuguerra ( and Lise ( as carbon-copy (cc) recipient in the email, who will then vouch for you. As mentioned above, Ilenia is the group responsible for the AU labbook in Gothelf lab.

You must then continue reading the quick-guide on “Confluence tutorial” and become familiar with the online collaboration system (aka “the AU labbook”).

Terms and conditions for using the AU labbook:

  • You should take responsibility for immediately informing the wiki user group administrator if/when (a) your AU group/work associations changes (e.g. if you are no longer part of a group or you stop at AU altogether), or (b) if you discover that you have access to material/information on the wiki that you believe you shouldn’t have access to.
  • You will not attempt to misuse this or any AU IT system to (a) obtain access to information that you should not have access to, or (b) otherwise damage the system.
  • You should be aware that you login credentials are strictly personal, and you should take care to keep your login confidential, secure and use a strong password in compliance with the AU-IT password guidelines.
  • You should be aware that the AU labbook must never be used as the only location for your research data.
  • You should read and comply with Aarhus University’s “Guide-lines for scientific practice” as well as any other guide-lines that may apply to you, including national guide-lines not covered by the AU guide-lines.

Good luck!

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