New group member?

Starting as a new group member in Gothelf lab?

What to get and where:

  • News from iNANO (keep yourself updated at the iNANO website or subscribe to the newsletter here)
  • Safety glasses (contact Jeppe, the lab technician)
  • Lab coat (contact Jeppe, the lab technician)
  • Wiki-login (contact Ilenia, – read about the Lab-Wiki here
  • Lab journal (book),(contact Jeppe, the lab technician)
  • Key and keycard for the iNANO building (contact Lise,
  • Get registered on the mailing lists for CDNA and Gothelf lab (contact Lise,
  • Get notified when news will be posted on this website: push the blue button (saying “Follow Gothelf lab”) in the bottom right corner of this website.

What to send to Lise (

– The items below are meant for all kinds of new group members (Bachelor students, PhD students post docs etc.), and it may not be all of the items that apply to you. Though, please write something for those items which do.

  • YOUR PICTURE – send me a picture in case you would like to change the picture I may have found/will find on Google/your facebook profile.
  • TEXT for the Gothelf lab website: A coherent piece of text about you containing less than 1000 characters (incl. spaces) describing the following items:
    • What is your study programme (Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry etc.)
    • When did you start in Gothelf lab?
    • If you have an academic degree or more, what is your present degree(s) and when did you receive it (/them)?
    • If accepted as PhD student, then when was that? When do you expect to finish your PhD studies?
    • What project are you working on? (Project title)
    • If you are an international group member: Where do you come from? At what institution did you perform your previous studies?
    • Other exciting things you would like to be displayed about yourself on the website…
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