Rules for members of Gothelf Lab who are about to write or hand in a report or thesis:

  1. For MSc and PhD reports you should show Kurt Gothelf a draft for the table of contents with estimated number of pages for each chapter when you start writing. 
  2. Kurt Gothelf wants to see and approve all MSc theses, PhD Part A reports and Part B theses before you submit. 
    1. For MSc and PhD theses Kurt Gothelf would like to see the report at least a week before, even if it is still a draft. If it is during vacation times where Kurt Gothelf is gone you have to agree on alternatives in advance.  
  3. For all reports: Bachelor, Project, MSc, Part A and Part B you should ALWAYS have another group member proof-reading your report.
  4. Kurt Gothelf wants to have a hard copy of all reports. For Project, MSc and Part A  (Not Bachelor and Part B): When we have agreed who the opponent is, you must make sure that a hard copy is sent to the censor/opponent/internal censor. 
  5. You are responsible for meeting the current university regulations for the lengths and format of the reports – so check it when you start writing.


(Updated Aug 3, 2016)

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