Office and Lab Plan

Office Plan (updated 02/02/17)

Here is the current office plan for the group members. The laboratory plan can be seen below

Rules for office spaces:    

  • Post docs and PhD students have the right to and are allotted their own office space.
  • Those tables which are not allotted to PhD students and post docs, are distributed/shared between bachelor, project, master and exchange students.
    • As a guide in sharing the tabels there is, a matter of seniority in the group to consider, however, please be large if a less senior student needs a place to sit.
  • If you sit by the PC tables be aware that at any time you should move if someone needs to use the common computer. Those, to whom we can not allot a table, must use whatever table is free in the big foyer (ground floor) and/or room 1593-121 (study hall)


In the offices with either 4 or 5 tables, the numbering of the tables is as below:


Laboratory Plan (updated 12/09/17)

Skærmbillede 2017-09-12 kl. 10.13.21.png

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